How Is Twitter Doing Under Elon Musk’s ’s Leadership?

Nico Nobili
6 min readNov 23, 2022

It’s no longer breaking news that Elon Musk now leads Twitter. The acquisition of the company started on April 24, 2022. Under Elin Musk’s leadership, Twitter has gone through some significant changes, causing an uproar in the tech community and on Twitter itself.


The journey of Elon’s Twitter acquisition hasn’t been smooth, as the sale has been in progress for close to a year now, with several delays and pending matters.

It all started when Elon started buying shares of Twitter, and he became the company’s largest shareholder, holding about 9.1% of the total shares in Twitter. This was around March 14, 2021. Around April 4, musk disclosed that he had roughly $2.9 billion worth of Twitter shares, which also spiked the company’s hare about 27% after he joined Twitter’s board of directors.

It was a surprise when Elon announced that he would fully purchase the company at $54 per share, with a total valuation whopping $44 billion. Elon Musk strongly believed that Twitter needed to be transformed into a private company, as he mentioned in an SEC filing.

The deal went temporarily on hold after Elon Musk claimed that most Twitter users were bots. The value was temporarily on hold until Twitter took action after they filed a class action lawsuit against Musk, forcing him to complete the sale.

Twitter stated in a lawsuit that Elon Musk “refuses to honor his obligations to Twitter and its stockholders because the deal he signed no longer serves his interests.” Twitter said in a lawsuit. “Musks believes he can trash the company values, disrupts its operations, destroy stockholder value, and then walk away.” If Elon Musk were to walk away from the deal, he would be required to pay a minimum of $1B as a termination fee.

After several months-long efforts to terminate the deal, Elon musk did the unexpected and offered to complete the agreement on October 4. This new proposal didn’t have much difference from the original proposal. He was still looking to buy the company for $44B. Finally, the sale went through on the 28 of October 2022.




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